This is a playground. I play with things like blocks. Gutenberg, etc. My main site is at zant.com. 

More about me:

I am a big fan of WordPress, the WordPress community, and keeping it all secure. I work for Defiant. We make Wordfence. In early 2016, they put out a call for people who could remove malware from WordPress websites. As I had done that, and other PHP applications, I applied. I did well. They promoted me to operations. Then they rescued me from operations and put me in a position where I am having more fun than I’ve ever had before. I get to talk to people about security, WordPress, and making cool things happen on the web.

I have two amazing kids. They keep me humble, honest, and happy. 

I’m married to a very smart guy who is very supportive of my goals.

I am originally from northern Illinois. I lived in Rockford, Peoria, and all over Chicagoland. I spent a few years in Austin, Texas, then moved to Mount Shasta, California. 

I am currently living outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It is July. I am not enjoying the heat, but I think I’ll enjoy November.